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A trading card game (TCG), also called a collectible card game (CCG) among other names, is a type of card game that mixes strategic deck building elements with features of trading cards.

Specific game cards are most often produced in various degrees of scarcity, generally denoted as fixed (F), common (C), uncommon (U), and rare (R). Some games use alternate or additional designations for the relative rarity levels, such as super-, ultra-, mythic- or exclusive rares. Special cards may also only be available through promotions, events, purchase of related material, or redemption programs. The idea of rarity borrows somewhat from other types of collectible cards, such as baseball cards, but in TCGs, the level of rarity also denotes the significance of a card’s effect in the game, i.e., the more powerful a card is in terms of the game, the greater its rarity. A powerful card whose effects were underestimated by the game’s designers may increase in rarity in later reprints. Such a card might even be removed entirely from the next edition, to further limit its availability and its effect on gameplay.

Most collectible card games are distributed as sealed packs containing a subset of the available cards, much like trading cards. The most common distribution methods are:

Booster packs — The most common distribution method. Booster packs for TCGs usually contain 8 to 15 cards, usually with an assured number of cards of specific rarities, but otherwise randomly packaged.

Starter deck – An introductory deck that contains enough cards for one player. It may contain a random or a pre-determined selection of cards.

Starter set – An introductory product that contains enough cards for two players. The card selection is usually pre-determined and non-random.

Theme deck or Tournament deck – Most TCGs are designed with opposing factions, themes, or strategies. A theme deck is composed of pre-determined cards that fit these motifs.

Because of the rarity distribution of cards, many popular TCGs have a secondary marketplace, with players buying and selling cards based on perceived value. Many purchases are made to acquire rarer cards to help build competitive decks, while others are just for collection purposes. In some cases, early cards in a TCGs run or which have been banned from play can become of high value to collectors such as Magic: The Gathering’s Power Nine.

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