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  • Shenzhen Best Playing Cards Co., Ltd. Also known as BST (short for bai si te from the Chinese name), has printed millions of playing cards, game cards, tarot cards, flashcards, and board game since 2017. We print for a huge range of different companies across the globe, working with thousands of independent creators, publishers, and businesses. We may be oceans apart, but our feedback and response are quicker than you expect. Working with us, you will find that we are closer to you than the manufacturer next door.
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  • A few years back, our founder Ken Xie was a successful businessman and has years of experience in the printing industry. He noticed more and more international buyers came to China to print. It’s an affordable solution and can deliver the same high-quality printing as other printers abroad. Among these buyers, some are very professional like publishers. Some are small and medium-sized enterprises that have purchasing desires but lack experience. Customers’needs are often diversified and personalized, especially with e-commerce platform sellers and crowdfunding clients. They purchase directly from manufacturers to obtain price advantages, but these printing factories are also difficult to meet customer requirements. Inspired by how much more he could do to help small businesses be more successful online, Ken decided to start his own factory. Our friendly and talented sales team handles customer service and prepress, and the factory handles production and logistics. Together we maintain the best prices while providing top-quality printing and customer service.


  • We always consider ourselves more than just a printing company. People always come first, that includes our customers and employees. The more we focus on our employees by offering proper & helpful training and improving the working condition, the more possible that our customers can get better service and great quality products, this is also what BST has been working hard to achieve for years.
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1. Professional Team:

Whether you’re new to printing and self-publishing or a seasoned expert, our step-by-step process is tailored to your specific needs. With BST, you get the perfect combination of high-quality custom printing at an affordable price, with hands-on customer service. When you call, chat, or email with one of our team members you are receiving the wisdom of a team with many years of combined print design experience.

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Ken Xie

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

BST was founded by Ken Xie, who has worked with printing product and business development for more than 10 years. Ken holds an bachelor’s degree from Hunan University in Business Administration. He uses his decade of experience in the printing industry to shepherd projects from dreams to reality. He is also a beloved father of a son and a daughter.

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Kanar Yeung

Senior Manager

Kanar has 9 years of business skills and experience in cards printing, with a keen eye for details and constant drive to improve the quality of the customer experience. She is always proud to be the first witness of any new decks. Outside of work, she is a animal lover and has a 8 years old dog called "big head".

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Sean Yang

Domestic Manager

Sean Yang takes care of quoting, pre-press and purchasing on the China side, and is the first link in the quality control chain. He is well versed in the various craft of card making. At the same time, he coordinates production and shipping schedules to make sure customers receive their cards as fast as possible. His interests include: Basketball and fitness.

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Lee Li

Senior Sales Manager

Lee began working at BSTcards in 2020, as the leader of the International sales group. He brings over a decade overseas marketing of custom cards printing experience to the job. He is good at researching the growth and innovation of the custom cards printing industry and is proficient in the market operation of custom card terminals. He loves cooking and travel.

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Design & Pre-Press

A man like mountain. Mature, Modest. His design, like himself, serene, calm. He began to engaged in playing cards designing in 2009. So far this year he has 15 years experience. Various of designs are dancing, flowing and spreading in his fingers. His pursue, is just for the hope and idea of every customers. He is the chief designer of BSTcards.

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Kanar Yeung

Sales Representative

Aimme entered the printing industry after graduating from university in 2014. She always said she was very happy and fortunate to be in this industry. Over the years, she have communicated with different clients from around the world and provided them with excellent printing services. She loves food and travel, and she hope to visit various parts of the world to see the local customs and meet the most beautiful you!

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Chloe Wong

Sales Representative

Chloe has years of customer service experience in the printing industry. With the accumulation of industry knowledge and skills, as well as communication with numerous customers, she has a thorough understanding of printed products. She serves customers actively, providing advice and solving problems, and has been well-received by the customers. She loves the sea and mountain climbing outdoors, she has an adorable cat named "Thousand" and she would love to share with you if you like cats as well.

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Amanda Chen

Sales Representative

Amanda said: love my job and love printing. The fact that everyone in the company is constantly striving to get better. In her opinion, the self-awareness makes it a beautiful thing to work with each client on their projects has strengthened her confidence and determination to do her job well. She knows how to do a good job and be more efficient in helping clients achieve their cards with high quality. Trust she, trust our company, and trust us with your printing with confidence.

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Megan Hu

Sales Representative

Megan has years of customer service experience in various fields. She enjoys solving clients' requests, loves the printing industry, and impresses clients with her attention to detail and responsibility. She is not only a server, but also a good friend of customers. Always eager to learn new things. Her interests include traveling, playing games, cooking and experiencing different things.

2. Best in Class Offset Printing

Equipped with three brand new Heidelberg offset presses Speedmaster XL 75, XL 105 and CD 102, our printing process has been fine-tuned with Auto Color Control System and can print the accurate color. BST’s print is also environmentally friendly as we offer FSC certificated paper stock and vibrant soy-based inks. We strive to keep our printing process as ”green” as possible. Printing with us, you are not only saving money, you're saving the environment! Learn more.

Equipped with three brand new Heidelberg offset presses Speedmaster XL 75, XL 105 and CD 102, our printing process has been fine-tuned with Auto Color Control System and can print  (1)
Equipped with three brand new Heidelberg offset presses Speedmaster XL 75, XL 105 and CD 102, our printing process has been fine-tuned with Auto Color Control System and can print  (

3. Fast Turnaround Time

Depending on your project specifications, turnaround time can be as little as 2-3 weeks. BST factory is equipped withmultiple automatic machines that can ensure our customers’ jobs are delivered on time and the printing quality always exceeds expectations. Turnaround time depends on your choice of proof, special finish, packaging and shipping type. The time before proofing, including file setup, and revision within the proofing process, are not counted here. We encourage customers who are new to printing to plan for an additional week as we help you prepare your files to be ready for print. Please keep in mind that these timelines are estimates. Learn more.

4. Quality Guarantee

We hand check all print that leaves us for quality, so you only receive a product we'd be happy with. Your order is proceeded with three levels quality control inspection by BST’s experienced workers, so each deck should arrive in perfect condition. As we're humans, if something sneaks through we'll do everything we can to fix things. BST also works with independent 3rd party inspection companies, such as Bureau Veritas, China Certification & Inspection Group and SGS. Additional inspection fee is required and you will receive the inspection report after service.

Equipped with three brand new Heidelberg offset presses Speedmaster XL 75, XL 105 and CD 102, our printing process has been fine-tuned with Auto Color Control System and can print  ( (3)
Equipped with three brand new Heidelberg offset presses Speedmaster XL 75, XL 105 and CD 102, our printing process has been fine-tuned with Auto Color Control System and can print  ( (4)

5. Flexible in All Kinds of Customization

Working with us, you will find us very flexible in customizing your cards.

  • ● Paper Stocks: Various paper, foil and plastic stocks you can choose from based on your budget.
  • ● Custom Sizes: More than hundreds of card size and die-cut molds are available. Or you can always print your cards in custom size with a affordable one-time fee.
  • ● Special Finish: If you want your cards stand out from the crowd, special finish is your best option. There are linen/dot finish, glossy and matte UV coating, soft touch lamination, anti-scratch matte lamination, hot foil stamp in gold/silver/rainbow, spot UV, embossing and debossing, cold foil print and color edges.
  • ● Security Printing: The security printing is to prevent forgery or counterfeiting of your intellectual property. We offer serial number printing and sequential foil numbering to protect your copyright.

6. Our Customers Love BST

We’re thankful for each one of our reviews as it shows that we’re either heading in the right direction or we need to make changes to the way we do things at BST. Thankfully we’re blessed with many happy customers and we hope you’ll become one too!

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